There are hundreds of gyms out there, but there’s only one Plano Fit Body Boot Camp. For us, fitness is about much more than losing weight — it’s about reaching goals. Whether you’ve been dreaming about doing a pushup or trying to find a way to max your personal pull-up record, we get you there. Adults of all fitness levels and ages are welcome; all we ask is that you come ready to work and improve.

Owners Gabe and Nina, along with fitness and facility director Kiara, work together to ensure you get the best possible workout. We believe in the power of group fitness to motivate, inspire, and challenge our athletes. Plus, group classes keep the cost of our program affordable, allowing you to commit to your health and wellness without breaking the bank.

Come see what we’re all about. Get your first three workouts free by getting in touch today. We’ll show you around, talk to you about our classes, and set up your free workouts. We look forward to helping you surpass your fitness goals and working with you to create new, bolder goals as you grow stronger. Enjoy leaner muscle, less fat, and better living by turning to Plano Fit Body Boot Camp.