Welcome to Plano Fit Body Boot Camp, your 30-minute workout that delivers results. Our boot camp uses a combination of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and active-rest training to push your body to burn up to twice the calories of a traditional workout. However, we make it happen in half the time. Our boot camp routine was also designed to keep your body working at an elevated level for up to 32 hours after your workout, encouraging your metabolism to keep working long after you’ve put the weights down.

Each session is led by a certified personal trainer who is there is encourage you to reach your maximum potential. No matter what your fitness level may be, we adjust the workout to meet your needs. Whether you’ve never been to the gym before or you’re a fitness fanatic, our coaches customize each workout to make sure you are working toward your goals.

There’s nothing that matches the thrill of a group atmosphere and a team working together to achieve goals. We capture this excitement in all of our workouts, allowing you to get the same level of success that personal training can provide at a fraction of the cost. Best of all, our program doesn’t stop outside our walls. We create personalized accountability plans to keep you on track with your nutrition, workouts, and goal-setting. Reach out now to experience boot camp for yourself.